Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ibogaine Treatment in Barcelona

From fellow blogger Mary Clare Ditton, hailing from the Huffington Post, comes an article about Eric Taub's personal odyssey with ibogaine, from Florida to Cameroon to Spain, culminating in the starting of an ibogaine center in Barcelona and a university study.

Here's an excerpt:
"Taub is starting an ibogaine center in Barcelona where he plans to offer intensive training to prospective ibogaine providers. He is also seeking the support of the Autonomous University of Barcelona to conduct a study on ibogaine. Since the winter of 1999, the university's research team has been conducting clinical studies giving ayahuasca to healthy volunteers and Taub is excited about the prospect of having the support of the scientific community. 'This is an example of the demand for effective treatment finally being great enough to motivate the scientific community to jump on board. I am hopeful that iboga and ayahuasca, two of the most powerful plant medicines on the planet, will finally be given validation for their effectiveness to treat human disease.' "

Other treatment centers are mentioned, including the Iboga Therapy House in Canada outside of Vancouver.

And the beat goes on...

To check out this story, click A Home for Ibogaine in Barcelona.

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