Sunday, July 13, 2008

Yippie Leader Dana Beal on Ibogaine Clinics

Yipster Dana Beal was released from jail on drug money laundering charges. The $150K he had in his possession when he was arrested was, according to Dana, money raised to open an ibogaine clinic. In his interview on Paul De Rienzo's New York City public cable TV talk show "Let Them Talk", Dana talks about his recent arrest and ibogaine clinics in Mexico and Canada to treat methadone, opiate, alcohol, and other addictions.

Rocky Caravelli's "Dream House" clinic in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where addicts treat addicts is mentioned (for details, call 503-922-1089 in Portland, OR) as well as Claire's medical clinic where doctors treat patients (for info, call 213-505-5992).

To see the video, click Dana Beal on Ibogaine Clinics.

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