Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ibogaine: ENDABUSE Report Video - Part 4

In Part 4 of this video series the addicts continue discussing their vivid and transforming experiences after taking Ibogaine. Their testimony is tangibly honest and real, and the revelations they share are nothing short of astonishing. A medical doctor shares his startling first-hand observations of patients who underwent the controversial ENDABUSE Procedure. Finally, social worker Rommel Washington of Reality House in New York recounts the remarkable changes and progress he saw in his clients after undergoing treatment.

After proving his discovery on ibogaine's addiction interruption properties again and again through addict volunteers who were treated free of charge overseas, Howard Lotsof allied with social workers who worked with these patients. They were able to verify distinctive behavioral shifts in the attitudes of their struggling addict patients, positive changes that made everyone optimistic.

A medical doctor also agreed to observe patients during their ibogaine treatments and provided, for the first time, objective clinical medical data on this test group that would speak to the medical establishment.

With positive animal studies, scientific and medical corroboration, the advocacy of social workers within the drug treatment establishment, and a growing legion of addicts, addict groups, the NY YIPPIES, Harm reduction coalitions, and HIV radicals who clamored quite noisily for treatment, all the ingredients were in place to assault the U.S. government and push for human clinical trials. This is exactly the direction Howard took NDA International in the coming years. Fighting the system. Davy versus Goliath.

The ENDABUSE Report Video is brought to the world free of charge by MEDIA WORKS CORP.

Sit back, enjoy, and please send me your comments. The fight is not yet over.

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