Saturday, December 13, 2008

First Hand Ibogaine Experience

From the southern tip of Africa, hailing from Capetown (where it is now summer!), blogger Simon Loxton has written 2 new recent articles including one that details his latest experience taking ibogaine in a suppository with his clinical psychologist wife as observer.

Simon's blog is called "Iboga Association of Cape Town" and he continues to be one of the best and most prolific writers on this most arcane and controversial subject.

Simon includes a revealing observation at the end of the article:
"I learned the inclinations of my own soul."

Well put, Simon, and quite a wonderful revelation.

As I wish, always, to get to the root of a matter and share the gold nuggets of news I come across with my visitors (I scan the ibogaine webosphere daily for these), Simon makes a checklist of his most important ibogaine learnings that are quite lucid and from the heart true:

"I learned many things from this experience.
1.) I learned that I needed to do things, not to just think about doing them. I seem to have come from a place where it is easy to manifest things just by thinking about them. The process of developing things is abit more difficult for me, but it is something upon which I should focus.
2.) I learned again not to lie. Never misrepresent the truth, not even in jest. It confuses the thoughtfields, making our understanding of reality that much less clear, serving no one.
3.) I learned of the effect of self-criticism, and the importance of staying positive.
4.) I learned that I need to be easier with myself, more self-forgiving.
5.) I was again impressed with the importance of self-discipline, self-responsibility, self-reliability.
6.) I learned that I truly love my wife."

I guess if you could grind these learnings up in a mortar and pestle you'd be left with one flavor and color: self-realization.

Simon has written a very detailed and candid account of the entire process of obtaining the raw ingredient, preparing it, mixing cleansing drinks, and readying his environment for the trip.

As the effect finally came on, he writes:
"The nearest feeling I had previously experienced in college was not with LSD, sacred Peyote, or shrooms, but with a really good sativa high, only about a thousand times stronger and more clear. There was zero diminution in my cognitive faculties, and I was insightful, although I did have a hard time articulating at times."

Interestingly, taking the ibogaine as a suppository limited the most difficult aspect of the experience: nausea and vomiting. In Simon's case (Simon: correct me if I'm wrong), the effect came on with minimal side effects. He even took Dramamine as an anti-emetic.

As many others have related, Michael had a spirit encounter:
"As I went deeper into myself I found myself in another completely different realm. I lost the use of my five senses, and felt the need to somehow orient myself spatially. Through me, a disembodied voice uttered “Use your sense of imagination to see”."

Without giving too much away (it would take much too long, anyway), Simon takes a trip to what he perceives as heaven, passing by the gate. He was told if he went through it, he would never return to his body.

Especially detailed is Simon's post-peak experience with trippy vertigo and much reflection and observation of his surroundings and sense objects.

This is one of the best posts I've read on the subject. I came away with whole new understanding and perpective, having never experienced this chemical first hand.

I urge you to read the full post by clicking here.

Happy Holidays to all!

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