Sunday, July 13, 2008

Rocky Caravelli's Dream House Ibogaine Clinic

From Tristan Gulliford and is a lengthy interview with ex-addict Rocky Caravelli, the Treatment Facilitator and House Manager for the Dream House, an ibogaine treatment facility in Mexico.

Dream House is a comfortable, home-style treatment environment that can accommodate up to 3 patients at a time. It has received many positive reviews from addict patients, whose testimonial videos can be seen on Youtube. Here's one of many:

Rocky goes into great depth about his experiences with ibogaine, his 25 year addiction kicked in 12 hours, his work at other ibogaine clinics, and his quest to open an ideal treatment facility to give patients the best possible experience.

Here's an excerpt:

"After two years of doing work in the underground, I got to see even more of what could make this treatment work more smoothly. People needed more time so they could get to feeling strong again, and a better environment was needed in which to do the work. It's hard to do treatments in the apartments of people where they've been using for months. It's also hard to bring people you just met into your home or to some other supporter's house. There is not enough medical support if something goes sideways and it's illegal to top it off. These are not the best of conditions to work in and I felt disrespectful to the spirit of the plant."

"Well, we have learned a lot about working with this medicine and have grown in intuition and clarity for what protocols to use. Everything is per individual. Everyone is unique in their needs. Sometimes we have to go slow, using many small treatments. Sometimes we need to really push through boundaries or blockages and address withdrawal symptoms. We see people with so many different situations. Hard core addiction to heroin and stimulants like meth-amphetamine require that we provide a strong support in pre-treatment and many additional boosters. Treatment for methadone can go on for days or weeks sometimes. We receive people with emotional issues due to sexual abuse, depression, and, in many cases, just the desire to reclaim their lost sense of self and being alive. Whether people come to us for addiction to substances or for psycho-spiritual development, the truth is that all of what needs to be addressed stems from a spiritual base, and that is why the treatment itself is just the beginning of the process. It takes time for people to process and integrate their session. Sometimes it takes months to pass in order for people to really understand and look back to see what's been changing from the inside out."

To read the entire article (highly recommended), click Spiritual Healing in the Dream House.

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