Monday, May 19, 2008

The Ibogaine Underground

From WBUR, Boston's NPR news source, is a radio talk show segment. Here's the write-up:

When it comes to heroin and other powerful addictions, withdrawal is a long, painful process. And when it's over, it's not over, because the cravings are still there.

But there is a little-known drug called ibogaine that is traditionally used in Africa for certain tribal ceremonies. Taking it can induce visions, but mostly, people say, it is awful.

But not as awful as the withdrawal symptoms from drugs like heroin. And it seems to have a remarkable side effect: it temporarily stops the craving for highly addictive drugs like heroin. It is controversial, and except for research, its use is illegal.

Addicts in the United States travel to Mexico or the Caribbean island of Saint Kitts for treatments. Or, they can go the more dangerous route of contacting the so-called ibogaine underground in the U.S.

Imitri Mugianis, speaks from Detroit where he is going to give other people a backstreet ibogiane treatment.

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Harry D. said...

I seek treatment, but can't afford to leave the U.S.A. Am trying to find guidance to the Ibogaine underground. Harry