Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New and Noteworthy

The news just keeps on coming.

Here's a 57 minute radio podcast of interest:
Madness Radio: Treating Addiction with Psychedelic Ibogaine
Rocky Caravelli talks about his recovery from 25 years of methamphetamine and heroin addition and a bipolar diagnosis through treatment with Ibogaine, a visionary plant medicine from indigenous people in West Africa, and his work helping many others heal.

Voices and Visions from Outside Mental Health – Produced by freedom-center.org & theicarusproject.net. Broadcast live weekly Thursdays 4-5 pm EST on FM Pacifica Affiliates WXOJ-LP Northampton, Mass, & KWMD Kasilof, Alaska.

Comment on Sacred Addicts
by Moughessangana
Iboga is safer than ibogaine and being treated in Gabon by an Nganga would be first on my list just because of the history of Pentagon funded ‘Skunk Projects’ aimed at data collection, & duping unwitting guinea pigs into submitting to experimentation & unnecessary screening. Medical Apartheid.

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