Sunday, October 19, 2008

Marc: Ibogaine Treatment-Part 3/3

The third and final video segment shows an ibogaine treatment that took place in a hospital in Panama, with doctor and therapist testimonials. Witness an impressive personal metamorphosis from the throes of cravings to wellness in a few hours.

Thus concludes this groundbreaking ibogaine treatment documentary that demonstrated to the world scientific and addict community that Howard Lotsof's claims were scientifically repeatable and valid. I don't think anyone can watch this series and remain wholly skeptical about the possible efficacy of this chemical intervention.

Since the mid-1990's thousands of addicts have been treated with ibogaine, mostly in non-clinical settings with the aid of another addict who has undergone treatment. This underground network has replaced the government and medical structures needed in an open, tolerant society that understands it is far more humane and compassionate to provide treatment to addicts than to ignore them with the ignorant hope that this problem will simply "go away".

Instead, societies experience acts of crime and flood their criminal justice systems with tens of thousands of convicted felons who would probably be better served with a rapid interruption of their cravings and appropriate therapy and counseling to understand the roots of their negative behaviors, along with job training. I'm certain that the costs balance out against each other, with one approach most likely demonstrating a smaller recidivism.

At one point I charged money for copies of these videos. The sales were always minimal and people like Dana Beale just went ahead and pirated them anyway, running off hundreds of dupes he gave away to anyone who would lend an ear.

Recently, Howard Lotsof asked me to post the videos on the Internet and let people watch them for free. Without hesitation, I agreed. Iboga is a sacred gift to mankind from the jungles of the cradle of civilization in Africa. I have no right to profit from iboga, and realize the audience for this information has a right to see them. Therefore, my company, MEDIA WORKS CORP, brings you all our ibogaine videos to the public, free of charge, as a public service to mankind and the addict community.

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