Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ibogaine Message Board Chatter

From the forum on are 2-1/2 pages of threads titled "Ibogaine Treatment?" It's an intense ongoing conversation about the facts and myths surrounding this controversial and still little understood addiction treatment modality.

What struck me about the posts is both the fear/misinformation and near evangelistic fervor of opponents and proponents, with comments like:

I'm actually looking forward to spring, albeit still just a tad bit apprehensive

But i have spoken to a very nice fellow here, who went through it with the same doctor that's gonna treat me, and after about 15 years of heroin+methadne use, this guy has been clean for almost a year now since the treatment. Also looks a good few years younger than he did (judging by his pics) before the treatment.
Anyway, that meeting with the aforementioned bloke only reinforced my determination to go through with it.

Versus skepticism like this:

If it's too good to sound true, it usually is. We all wish Underride luck, and can't wait to hear how it goes for him, but the fact remains, that Ibogaine is completely unproven, has no scientific data behind it, and the method and mechanism behind it, why it would help, is completely unexplained. I feel better about him doing it, if there's a licenced doctor behind it, that's for sure...

The scary thing about untrue statements made on the web and elsewhere is that many regard them as true, much as people assume newspapers and magazines to be true and carefully researched. This is so far from the truth, especially regarding the web, which is the wild west of information overload, with crazy untrue rumors that spread like the bubonic plague (take all the websites claiming Barack Obama is a Muslim terrorist).

To refute the aforementioned excerpt, there are hundreds of scientific papers that have been published on ibogaine in highly respected scientific journals, both on animal and human clinical experiments. Just look at the list of links on this blog for just a smattering. If I have time I will add to the list; but there are also links to pages with dozens of other scientific papers and research.

Of course, the best, most respected newspapers (like the New York Times) carefully vet their reportage -- a lot better, for example, than McCain's campaign did with Sarah "Troopergate" Palin and the First Dude.

There is also a lot of discussion on this board on why such an important treatment hasn't gotten more scientific acceptance. The back and forth is both frustrating and indicative of a level of ignorance and propaganda that's hard to take or understand.

Despite all my personal biases, forums like this one are healthy outlets for people to communicate with one another, much as this blog is my own attempt to share timely and newsworthy stories about ibogaine. Believe me. I'm not doing this for money or fame. I simply have a concern about getting accurate, helpful information to a very small audience of people.

I do recommend you check out the forum and make your own judgment.

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Anonymous said...

I read the whole thread as well as the other thread they have on their ibogaine forum. Strange that I have never seen that forum before and I have been spooking around the ibogaine parts of the web for years now. I wanted to sign up and set the record straight but they are not taking new registrations now. Nice find.