Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Marc: Ibogaine Treatment - Part 2

This is part 2 of an in-depth, never seen before, insider observation of a patient's in-hospital ibogaine treatment experience. The entire segment takes place in a hospital in Panama. We watch Marc as he undergoes the powerful psychogenic effects of ibogaine and witness his transformation from addiction to wellness first hand. Throughout, he is fully aware of the deep-rooted life episodes he is re-examining as part of a psychological healing taking place under the influence, and he can verbalize (sometimes challenged for words) the connections between past events and the roots of his own addictive behavior and patterns.

Howard and Norma Lotsof and I hoped this would be a breakthrough video for the addict and scientific communities. By recording a patient's progress some weeks before treatment, during the crucial 24-36 hours of actual treatment, and following them on their post treatment psychotherapy and medical follow-up for several weeks, we felt we had demonstrative evidence that the ENDABUSE Treatment was both safe, humane, and efficacious.

Since I had never myself witnessed the entire process, this was a fascinating and eye-opening experience for me. I had never questioned Howard's claims of narcotic withdrawal interruption or the psychological epiphanies patients (including himself) underwent; indeed I had absolute faith in Howard and had heard many people relate their own intimate stories. But I had never seen this first hand myself. The hospital environment was the safest and best way for me to become initiated into the clinical world, and much valuable scientific medical data was simultaneously being recorded and doumented.

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