Saturday, September 13, 2008

Marc: Ibogaine Treatment Video - Pt 1/3

This is the first video that shows one patient's complete ibogaine treatment (before, during, and after) with full coverage of their remarkable experience. It is a first-hand glimpse of the powerful ability of ibogaine to interrupt methadone withdrawal symptoms and addictive craving within 24 hours. The treatment took place in a Panamanian hospital under the supervision of medical doctors with the complete cooperation of Panama's government and health system. This is Part 1 of a 3 part series.

After we completed The ENDABUSE Report video, Howard, Norma and I realized we had to take one step further. A video was needed that documented the entire ibogaine experience, not only from the patient's viewpoint, but from medical and social worker perspectives as well. We needed to show the whole process and dramatically demonstrate the patient's odyssey from sickness to wellness.

Howard formed an alliance with Dr. Eduardo Della Sera, an addiction treatment specialist in Panama. Dr. Della Sera was able to obtain the cooperation of the Panamanian government and the medical establishment to allow human clinical studies to be conducted at a hospital in Panama City.

Eventually, several patients would be treated in Central America. We needed one who would consent to be videotaped and who would allow us access for several months. Marc came forward, a young man in his 20s who had a history of heroin addiction and subsequent methadone treatment. He had undergone the ENDABUSE Procedure previously and now needed another treatment as he had relapsed back into addiction.

We filmed Marc in New York, a couple of weeks before he flew to Panama. The video speaks for itself as far as depicting Marc's mental and physical condition at that moment in time. The most important footage is of his actual hospital experience, from his taking the ibogaine capsule to his ongoing description of his hallucinogenic revelations concerning his life in relationship to his addiction.

We followed Marc back to New York and obtained testimony from his psychotherapist about his recovery and his support group interaction. Dr. Della Sera also discusses the interruption of Marc's methadone addiction and observes that ibogaine is a powerful tool in the treatment of drug dependency.

As a filmmaker, the experience of making this video with the Lotsofs was a personal milestone. Every human being longs for some kind of immortality, whether it be through their offspring, their relationships, or their achievements. This project was a vehicle to do something meaningful that would benefit many people, and I am forever grateful for the opportunity.

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