Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Plants as Teachers

The Iboga Association of Capetown, South Africa is a weblog that focuses on the psychotherapeutic use of ibogaine to provide emotional healing. Blogger Simon Loxton is a follower of the Bwiti religion of equatorial Africa (principally Gabon and the Cameroons) as well as a traditional health care practitioner who advocates the use of iboga as both a sacrament and traditional medicine. Iboga is the name of the African plant and its root is the principal source of the powerful psychogenic akaloid ibogaine hydrochloride.

This particular blog entry was written by Sarita who, I assume, is a member of Smon's association. Sarita chronicles various encounters with both the raw botanical and the purified extract and has the worldview that iboga is one of a handful of sacred medicinal plants from the Creator meant as a tool for spiritual enrichment and personal insights.

Sarita does claim to have addictions which may be one of the reasons she sought iboga's anti-addictive properties. Sarita felt addiction "closed my heart chakra" making it impossible to "feel anymore". Iboga is a teacher, and one of the revelations it made was the following:

"One of the teachings which I received through the ibogaine was that there is a certain Order in the Universe, which is Love and it must be respected and understood. We are suppose to be shown and taught this from our Parents but if they do not understand it or live by it then we as children will not understand it…let alone know how to live by it."

Iboga healed Sarita's heart, opening her chakra, allowing a reconnection to others with compassion and openness.

"Now it is as if my whole life has become a teaching and journey and I do not feel the same person. My brain has been reprogrammed and it is as if darkness has been removed from me."

The read Sarita's full account click here.

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